Guide to Kaveri Service Portal | Benefits and Services

Kaveri service portal was floated into the citizen domain by the honorable minister in 2018 for the Department of stamps and registration, Government of Karnataka. The platform turned out to be a huge success and has set benchmarks for other states to follow.

To avail the services provided by the sub-registrar office citizens need not visit the office but could avail a wide range of property-related government services in their comfort of home.

Service Provided by Kaveri Service Portal

The main services provided by the Kaveri service portal are:

  • Valuate Property:

After going to the online Kaveri portal, it offers an option to estimate the value of the property. After providing the area name and location the portal auto-fills the taluka, village name, and hobli name. These are the important factors of land valuation.

Citizens finally need to enter the usage and total area along with the measurement unit. With one click, the portal automatically calculates the value of the property based on market value.

  • Generate Challan:

Enter your username and password to login into the portal. If not you can avail the service as a guest user also. After clicking on generate challan, citizens need to fill out the form by providing their name, email address, mobile number, and so on. After submitting the details along with the payment done online, the challan number is generated.

  • Calculation Fee of Stamp Duty and Registration:

After selecting a suitable option to avail the service citizen must enter the location, property type, market value, and stamp rule. After providing the information the window pop-up shows the calculation of the fee. This is very important for a successful land transaction.

Other facilities include marriage certificates, guest services, encumbrance certificate 4, Locate State Registrar office (SRO), online commencement certificates, pre-registration and data service, etc.

Benefits of Kaveri Service Portal

Now that we have gone through ‘n’ of services available on Kaveri service portal, these are some benefits:

  • Kaveri service has a detailed manual attached so that the experience of the citizen using the app is hassle-free. The user guide also reduces the time and efforts taken to find the suitable method to avail of the services.
  • The service portal has an E-signing facility for certificate registration.
  • As the bifurcation of the services provided by the portal is very sorted which increases the ease of using the service and together helps in maintaining and channeling the service portal.
  • The live dashboard is one of the most unique features of the portal. It engages the user and also shows data of the number of users using the services in order to build trust.

Use these services to sell and buy land and to avoid challenges during buying and selling land.

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