Guide to Dishaank App Functionalities & Benefits

Is it government land or private land? Dryland or wetland? Not sure about the Khasra boundary? To solve such confusion and dispute of land, the Government of Karnataka has initiated an ICT-based solution for a transparent transaction.

Dishaank, the synonym for horizon and vertices, is a mobile application developed by survey settlement and land records (SSLR) to be used by citizens of Karnataka state. Till now the layman had no idea that the land sold to him is land owned by the private, government, forest, natural drain, etc.

But with the introduction of this application, the data in a consolidated format is present on one platform for all. It was developed under the government program named Karnataka-GIS (K-GIS) and is implemented by Karnataka state remote sensing application center (KSARSC).

Why Dishanak?

The objective was to create a database that enables the user to extract information regarding the Khasra number linked with the owner’s information, the Location of land, and its extent.

Its vision was to create a relationship in Government to Citizen(G2C) interaction with ease to access the data. The information is linked with fingerprints to reduce data-related disputes.

Manytimes this information makes the vital role for successful land deal transaction.

Dishaank Mobile App

The current version is Dishaank app 1.0 and the map available on the site is an indicative boundary and may differ from the actual although an option to report an issue is available on the app.

These maps are available in different scales (1:7920, 1:3960, 1:1980). These maps were digitized in AutoCAD format by KSRSAC, Quality verified, and Certified by SSLR, and handed over to SSLR.

These individual maps have been published by SSLR for public use or reference– as PDF files. The georeferenced 1 cadastral map 2 is available for all the villages of Karnataka and is also used by different government authorities for reference.

The department generated the cadastral map and linked it with the Bhoomi record so as to reduce the number of trips to revenue departments by the citizens.

Dishaank App Functionality and Benefits

Key Functionalities and benefits of the Dishank app are:

  • Dishaank app is available for Androids and iOS both and is in Kannada and English to eliminate barriers to accessing the application by locals.
  • To give a better understanding of the land and location to the user the application shows the surrounding Khasra number upto 30mt from the owner’s land.
  • Alternatively, the location of survey numbers can also be searched through the hierarchical contents: District – Taluk – Hobli – village – survey number.
  • The application enables users to switch between basemap and satellite image views of multiple variants.
  • The information shown includes the name of the owner, location, area, Khasra number, ownership type, land type, land restrictions or litigations, and lastly the current transactions happening on land. This infromation is very much needed for land evaluation.
  • The download button is used to download the preview for offline mode. It automatically loads previews of the map showing the land boundary.
  • Dishaank app helps the buyer to stay away from any fraudalities about the ownership, area, and boundaries.
  • The purpose is only to provide clarity on the original status of land and the app should not be used for legal purposes in any land-related disputes.

For more property-related information, also use the Kaveri service portal.

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  1. Sir some of the area actual land survey number cultivating land and showing Dishaank app is different. Then how to make solve the problem? Please do needful sir.

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